About Us

Stephanie Head shot.jpg

"Let them eat cake"

~Marie Antoinette

Stephanie Hart opened Brown Sugar Bakery in 2004 and from then on she has developed a client base that appreciate the love they taste in her cakes. This Greater Grand Crossing bakery's tagline is "dangerously delicious," and it delivers on the promise with cheesecakes, cupcakes, cobblers, cookies, pies and more. Specialty sweets include sweet potato pie, peach cobbler and bread pudding. Nearly 20 whole cake flavors are available, including German chocolate, red velvet, carrot and turtle. Conveniently located just blocks from I-94, you find yourself feeling right at home in the warm & fuzzy cafe. Brown Sugar prides itself on being apart of the Joyess occasions among families and creating the taste of sweet memories.

Dangerously Delicious!